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Why you should visit Addu atoll for your Maldives Holiday vacation

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21 February 2023

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Why you should visit Addu atoll for your Maldives Holiday vacation

If you’re planning a Maldives holiday vacation, you should consider visiting Addu Atoll. Addu Atoll is the southernmost atoll in the Maldives and is the second-largest atoll in the country. The atoll is unique compared to other Maldivian atolls and offers a different experience that you can’t find elsewhere in the Maldives.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider visiting Addu Atoll for your Maldives holiday vacation:

Unique Geography
Addu Atoll is unique in terms of its geography. Unlike other Maldivian atolls, Addu Atoll is a group of islands that are connected by a causeway, which makes it one large island. The causeway, which is 14 kilometers long, was built by the British during their occupation of the Maldives in the 20th century. As a result, Addu Atoll is the only Maldivian atoll that is connected by land.
The unique geography of Addu Atoll offers a different experience compared to other Maldivian atolls. You can easily explore the atoll by bike, which is a popular mode of transportation among locals and tourists alike. Biking along the causeway offers beautiful views of the ocean, lagoons, and the islands.

World War II History
Addu Atoll has a rich history, particularly during World War II. During the war, the British established a naval and air base in Addu Atoll, which was used as a refueling station for ships and planes. The base was strategically located to protect the Indian Ocean from the Japanese.
Today, you can still see remnants of the British military presence in Addu Atoll. The British built bunkers, airstrips, and other structures, some of which have been preserved and turned into historical sites. One of the most popular historical sites is the Hithadhoo Bunkers, which were used to store ammunition during the war. The bunkers are now a popular tourist attraction and offer a glimpse into the atoll’s past.

Marine Life and Diving
The Maldives is known for its stunning marine life and Addu Atoll is no exception. The atoll is home to a wide variety of marine life, including manta rays, whale sharks, turtles, and colorful fish. The waters around Addu Atoll are also known for their clarity, which makes it an excellent spot for diving and snorkeling.
There are many dive centers in Addu Atoll that offer diving and snorkeling trips. The diving sites around Addu Atoll offer a different experience compared to other Maldivian atolls. For instance, the British Loyalty, which was a British oil tanker that sank during the war, is now a popular diving site. The wreck is home to a variety of marine life, including lionfish and moray eels.

Local Culture
Addu Atoll has a unique local culture that is different from other Maldivian atolls. The locals in Addu Atoll speak a distinct dialect of the Dhivehi language, which is different from the standard Dhivehi spoken in the rest of the Maldives. The locals also have their traditional dances, music, and food, which are different from other Maldivian atolls.
Visiting Addu Atoll gives you an opportunity to experience the local culture and interact with the locals. You can visit the local markets, where you can buy fresh produce and seafood. You can also attend cultural events and festivals, such as the Addu Cultural Festival, which takes place every year.

Addu Atoll is committed to eco-tourism and sustainable development. The atoll is home to many eco-resorts that are committed to preserving the environment

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